2016 Your Weight Matters National Convention

In less than 24 hours I will attend the 5th annual Your Weight Matters National Convention in Washington, DC. This is a three-day educational event designed to provide attendees with the latest information on weight and health. One of the main goals of the Convention is to create a warm and welcoming environment, free of weight bias, where individuals affected by excess weight or obesity can feel comfortable and learn more about how their weight impacts their health.

I am excited to participate in group exercise classes along with sessions such as “The Power to Transform Your Life!” hosted by Holly Wyatt, MD who will focus on  how a long-term lifestyle change requires a transformation of mind, body and spirit.

Also, “Health by Design: Creating a Mindful Eating Environment ” presented by Brian Wansink, PhD. He seeks to answer questions like,  “Why is it that we know an apple is more healthy for us than a Snickers bar, but we choose to eat the Snickers anyways? Does how messy and disorganized our refrigerators stay lead us to overeating? And does the serving size that food is packaged in really make a difference in how much of it we consume?”

All of this information and much more will be available during the convention and as the founder of MY4EVERWEIGHTLOSS it is important to ensure I am up to date on the latest science and education as it pertains to health. Additionally, I am looking forward to meeting other trainers, educators and people who are bold enough to share their stories as they struggle with weight loss. The commitment in fighting obesity is challenging but I truly believe its a hurdle we can get over.

I will be actively involved and sharing my knowledge and insight through social media.  Please remember to signup to our blog and use it as an opportunity to get free tips and encouragement while on your weightloss journey.

You can also join our online program and take advantage of the 20% off offer using promo code B2SCHOOL.

Have a healthy week!


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