Who Are The Heavy Hitters?

I am always fascinated when reading health and fitness articles and stumble upon findings that I don’t normally hear about in regular conversation. I recently read that ‘Major League Baseball players have become overwhelmingly overweight and obese’ in recent years . One thing I found interesting was that “Research exists that shows how having extra weight can help with certain aspects of baseball. The more force a batter can put into the ball, the further it will travel.” Obviously there can be a lot of elements and even researchers admit the ongoing debate about BMI is a factor and the weight could be attributed to muscle versus fat. In the health and fitness world you will hear constantly muscle weighs more than fat. Not often will you hear the elaborate answer. Yes, muscle seems to weigh more because there is a difference in the volume between the two.

Truthfully speaking, if you put both on a  scale, one pound of fat is going to weigh the same as one pound of muscle. However muscle and fat differ in density.

Fact: the density of muscle is 1.1 g/mL. Using the averages, 1 liter of muscle weighs 1.06 kg, or 2.3 lbs., while 1 liter of fat weighs .9 kg, or 1.98 lbs.

All things considered , I am eager to see the follow-up findings of the MLB from Penn State and Northwestern University.

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