Hump Day Inspiration

Its midweek and its time to PUSH through! Do you know the 5 characteristics of a nutritious diet?

At my4everweightloss we create plans with emphasis on these characteristics.


  1. Portion Control– we operate under the “all things in moderation” motto when recommending meals
  2. Fruits and Vegetables – we understand these are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and minerals and contain few calories
  3. Whole Grains– having these as part of your diet has been proven to lower high blood pressure along with reducing the risk of other diseases
  4. Reducing Fat Intake – we provide meal plans with low-fat, skim or fat-free versions of foods to limit your fat intake
  5. Limiting Processed Foods – we understand process foods are convenient however we offer alternate healthier options so that its limited


Eating healthy is obviously important but also most challenging. Today, challenge yourself to writing down everything you eat and analyze how your list coincide with the 5 characteristics mentioned above.

As always, my4everweightloss is here to help create a plan specifically for YOU.

Healthy Eating,



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S Law

Very helpful and much needed reminder. Thanks for the PUSH


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